Quality is not an act...

it is a habit!

All our products are designed and created with remarkable amount of research, observation and unsurpassable focus on historical precision. Countless items from among our products have been modeled directly off of artifacts seen in museums or private collections, thus helping us to ensure complete accuracy in our output. Furthermore, every piece we manufacture is a result of tremendous amounts of hard work, historical research and detailing, hence achieving complete authenticity.

Our manufacturing processes are flexible and scalable which allow us to undertake orders for prop articles for movie production. We have assisted numerous production houses in helping them recreate the fabric, clothing and various weaponry for the requisite era. Whether it is creating the look of ancient Rome by providing all the historically correct fabric to be used in everyday items like curtains, bed spreads or table cloths to capes and robes that would adorn a real medieval knight, we encompass the experience, designs and unmatched creativity that you entail to get the job done on time and within budget!