From military supplier to motion pictures props...

Beginning as a small time supplier to the british armed forces, Windlass Steelcrafts today offers several services including military supplies, custom manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, swords refurbishment, design and manufacture of weapons.

Military Supplies

Windlass started out as a Military contractor to the British Government, an association we proudly continue till today. While we started out supplying a single item, the famed Gurkha Kukri, to a single government, today we work with numerous governments on 6 continents with supplies ranging from kukris,combat knives to dress sabers, from personal regalia to armygrade textiles.

Edged Weapon


Windlass Steelcrafts ensures complete authenticity in the detailing and engravings during the creation of the replicas of edged weapons used by military. These instruments were used to deliver blows with exorbitant force and were the mainstay of the medieval cavalry. We have the expertise to make the replica weapons for any military or armed forces in the world thanks to our highly skilled team.

Dress and Drill Sabers

Dress and Drill swords have been pompously worn by the men and women of the armed forces for numerous centuries. These sabers, although only ceremonial in nature, stand for the nobility, ardor and pride of the armed forces. Windlass has had the honor of outfitting the men and women with a saber worthy of its noble stature. From the US Marines, to the Colombian Police to the Hellenic Air Force to the British Royal Navy, Windlass has developed custom dies and manufacturing process to make sure every sword conforms completely to the published specifications. A military sword specification is a combination of artistic value and engineering and thanks to our highly experienced staff; we have mastered the art of manufacturing swords and daggers to the necessary specifications.


Parade Helmets


A helmet was considered to be an article of safety as well as pride for the soldiers and cavalry in the medieval times. It conveyed the decorum, dignity and pride of a soldier. Helmets were introduced initially by the Greeks and evolved in the mid 1400s. With intricate carvings and exact specifications, like the original, Windlass has all the proficiency and know-how required for the creation of authentic replicas of the helmets of the medieval and other majestic eras of history. We provide customized orders for leather as well as metal parade helmets.


We at Windlass undertake orders for custom made military outfits. With minute detailing and design, we ace at maintaining complete authenticity in our output. With the flexibility to make the custom fabric with any specified weight and composition of wool, cotton and other such materials, Windlass is one of the premier custom manufacturing firms around the globe. We also cater to the requirements of various Armed forces around the world with flexibility provided into our manufacturing process for including minute specifications.

Dress Dress

Combat Knives

Combat Knives are the true essence of the inception of the world of armory. We provide excellent authentic replicas of the many combat knives with excellent detailing on the blade as well as intricate and elaborate engravings on the blade. Our detailing and work has never been matched and continues to be unsurpassable thanks to our highly technology intensive manufacturing process that makes our knives equally tempered. We also undertake manufacture of bulk order of combat knives all devoted to your specification, size and measurements.

Combat-knives Combat-knives

Sword Knots


Windlass is one of the few organizations that provide its customers with authentic replicas of Sword Knots. They are extremely rare and highly sought after by historians and research scholars. Sword knots provide additional support during battle to ensure the sword is not lost due to force of impact. The sword knot is looped through the guard of the sword, and the hand is placed through the strap. They were manufactured using different materials for different hierarchy levels within the armed forces.

Military Belts

Windlass Steelcrafts provides you with immaculate military belts etched with completely authentic engravings and inscriptions. Our military belts are used in outfitting many armies of the world. We excel at creating the inscriptions as required by the military designers. With our wide range of template designs and excellent craftsmanship, we have perfected the art of manufacturing military with high degree of authenticity, thus making this a must-buy for any ex-army official.


Motion Picture and TV Props

With meticulously researched products, high quality manufacturing and the ability to customize finishes, materials (various alloys, woods, synthetics, textiles, etc.) and accommodate production runs from singles to thousands, Windlass has had the opportunity to design and supply props, clothing and accessories to big and small studios, TV productions and mini-series all over the world.

From quick turn-key solutions to end-to-end custom design and development we can manufacture pieces in real materials such as wood, leather and steel or amazing alternatives such as Hybrid Polyurethane, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals, Fiberglass and Latex.

The ability to handle tight production schedules invariably arises and because we control the process from start to finish, we can often times accommodate these deadlines that causes concern to so many other companies. In fact, we have not missed a deadline on any production whether it be a large scale blockbuster like Disney's Prince Caspian or HBO's Rome or smaller ones like Soldier of God. With many export awards we ship worldwide from Morocco to Canada, we can offer you something most companies can't- one less headache.

Our team of highly trained engineers, craftsmen and artisans, work closely with the design concepts of the prop and weaponmasters to customize the proper look for any production from historical to Sci-fi. Our state-of-the-art, in- house tooling room makes development work much simpler and less time consuming for all parties involved.

Productions we have supplied:

    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series
    • Highlander TV series
    • The History Channel
    • The Discovery Channel
    • HBO's Rome
    • Batman Begins
    • Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3
    • V for Vendetta
    • Sahara
    • Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    • Spamalot
    • Shrek the Musical
    • Quantum of Solace
    • Showtime's The Tudors
    • Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    • Spy Kids 2
    • H2 (Halloween 2)
    • Band of Brothers
    • HBO's True Blood
    • National Lampoon
    • Vampire Diaries
    • Soldier of God

Custom Manufacturing

Reliable and Quality manufacturing for clients all over the world
Helmet-of-The-Spaniard sword-image Close-Face-Helmet

Our world class manufacturing facilities have helped us partner with many artists, design studios and companies to bring many iconic pieces to the market. The Helmet of Spaniard from the Gladiator, the Sword of the Scorpion King, Heath Ledger's helmet from A Knight's Tale, and the Joker Cane from DC Comics are some of the pieces that we have custom manufactured for other companies.

We at Windlass Steelcrafts are the experts at custom manufacturing. We can create the products tailor made for your style, specification and sophistication. All you have to do is to provide us with the design diagrams and requisite specifications. Our team of experts and highly qualified designers would analyze your specifications and deduce what would be the pertinent mixture of materials required to make the customized product and also determine whether it’s viable to manufacture the said item. For feasibility reasons, we undertake custom manufacturing for large orders only. We are one of the most premier organizations to indulge into custom manufacturing of products of the medieval times and for the armed forces.

Clothing Manufacturing

Clothing, Costumes and Shoes Manufacturing

Windlass is a Government of India recognized Export house with WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production), CSCC approvals and ISO certifications. For over 15 years Windlass has been exporting garments worldwide with our primary markets being North America and Europe.

With an emphasis on quality, Windlass can manufacture ready-made garments in woven and knits for men, ladies and children in a wide range of fabrics including Cotton, Rayon, Polyesters, Silk, Georgettes, Chiffon, Single Jersey, 1X1 rib, 2X2 rib, Cotton Lycra and Yarn dyed. In addition to the general, well made everyday contemporary clothing that can be seen on the shelves at JC Penney or in a Coldwater Creek catalog, we design and develop period costumes and clothing for Halloween, Movie productions and re-enactment groups plus Military Contracts from various countries.

With our knowledge in Military Contracts and procedures, we regularly supply military spec fabric to the armed forces around the world. With 3rd party certifications we are able to independently certify the specifications of our fabric. In addition to fabric, we also make sword knots, belts, badges and other such regalia for the individual soldier.

Some Brands/companies we have manufactured for:
    • JC Penny's
    • Gymboree
    • Kids Headquarters
    • CATO
    • Allison Brittney
    • Dunnes
    • Size Up
    • KIK
    • Kohls
    • E-LO Sportswear
    • Bay Trading
    • Love Jeans
    • Planet Gold
    • Sutton Creation
    • Walmart
    • Conception 4
    • New Look
    • IKEDDI Import
    • East West
    • New Yorker
    • Captain Tortue
    • Fashion Bug
    • Parisian
    • Museum Replicas

Design of Weapons and Armor

Weapons and Armor Designs
gun Swords suit-of-armor

Thanks to our excellent synthesis of craftsmanship and technology intensive manufacturing process, we at Windlass Steelcrafts are able to provide you with products tailor made completely according to your specifications and requirements. Our Research and Development team has been able to maintain the authenticity of our output including its minuscule features and aspects. As a manufacturer of niche “handicraft type” items WSC was never able to outsource much work. Hence over the years WSC has developed processes and acquired equipment to be able to do virtually any type of job related to its products in-house. As a result, our manufacturing facility is not one factory, rather a combination of several factories. It has a complete leather shop, wood working shop, metal working shop, tool room to build dies and specialty jigs, casting, painting and plating. The proprietary processes have brought quality and consistency to the handicraft trade.

We possess a wide array of materials and techniques that we imbibe in our manufacturing process, thus helping us achieve superior quality products with eminence. A major chunk of our production process is done by hand and due to our extremely accomplished and skillful workers who hold more than 60 years of experience in this field, designing weapons and armor has become our forte. Owing to our rich exposure and knowledge in the field of designing swords and armory, we accurately know what mixture of specifications and materials are to be used in forming the best possible result.

Our products and craftsmanship are renowned and distinguished all around the globe. We maintain strict quality standards in our manufacturing processes coupled with excellent workforce, thus making us one among the foremost firms in this market.

Swords Refurbishment

Restoring the lost splendor of your swords
Swords-Refurbishment1 sword-image
Windlass Steelcrafts always strives to be a class apart and be 
the most unique and innovative contender in every field. In thisregard, Windlass 
brings to you an extremely unique and exclusive service for all our customers i.e. 
the Sword Refurbishment facility. All the old swords that are lying in the house 
which have got defected over time can be refurbished and revamped and brought back 
into its original state of glory. With the help of highly knowledgeable and infor-
med staff coupled with our state-of-the-art tools and machinery, we can transform the 
swords into its original state with consumable ease. Swords are meant to be displayed
with splendor and pride and we at Windlass can without doubt help you in achieving that.
This is an implausible opportunity for all those who wish to keep their heritage and 
tradition in an ever-shining state of glory. For this, we would initially require few 
  photos of the swords to be refurbished and on careful analysis and scrutiny of the 
    sword, our team of experts shall inform you regarding the price and the time 
      required to complete the refurbishment. This distinctive service brought to you 
        by Windlass, provides you with a never-before opportunity to proudly display 
          your family’s rich heritage and culture in a shimmering state of grandeur, 
            splendor, and magnificence.